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A determinant is a property of a square matrix. The value of the determinant has many implications for the matrix. A determinant of 0 implies that the matrix is singular, and thus not

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I mean bro this app is a blessing to me, but it has a few flaws, keep it up I am looking forward to see new features being added, i only use it to check though, so i get the most out of math. Ngl, I personally thought this just a algebra app but it helps with fractiona and all sorts.

James Hunt

Without it i could not learn and pass my math exam, we’ve got you covered from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. This is a very helpful app. Still my go to app for anything math, really good at explaining math problems I struggle one.

Hugh Finney

Almost teaches me better than my teachers. I prefer this to u too. It has some results error like Y=|ln(x)| the app said the range is (- infini,infini) which is not true the range is [0, infini) , but it saves me a lot of time to complete my assignment.

Antonio Reiter