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Linear Equations Examples with Answers Example 1. A motorboat goes downstream in the river and covers a distance between two coastal towns in 5 hours. It covers

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Linear Programming

Section 2-2 : Linear Equations. Solve each of the following equations and check your answer. 4xβˆ’7(2βˆ’x) = 3x+2 4 x βˆ’ 7 ( 2 βˆ’ x) = 3 x + 2 Solution. 2(w+3)βˆ’10 = 6(32βˆ’3w) 2 ( w +

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To solve a mathematical equation, you need to clear up the equation by finding the value of the unknown variable.

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Linear Programming

Linear equations word problems: volcano. Linear equations word problems: earnings. Modeling with linear equations: snow. Practice: Linear equations word problems: graphs. Practice: Linear
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