Solve tanx cotx

How to solve \cot x + \tan x Well cot x + tan x is just \dfrac{cosx}{sinx} + \dfrac{sinx}{cosx} That means ,Taking LCM, we get that

Solve tanx=cotx

Solve tanx=cotx | Microsoft Math Solver tan(x) = cot(x) Solve for x x = 2π n1 + 4π n1 ∈ Z Graph Quiz Trigonometry tanx = cotx Similar Problems from Web Search Can tan(x) = cot(x) ? If yes
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Solve for x tan(x)=cot(x)

since there is the y = tanx function, x ≠ π 2 +kπ since there is the y = cotx function, x ≠ kπ. So, together: x ≠ k π 2. Than, remembering that cotx = 1 tanx, tanx = 1 tanx ⇒ tan2x = 1

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Solve tanx >cotx , where x in [0,2pi]dot

How can I solve find the general solution Tan x + cot x = 2, then x is? X = π/4 in an interval of (0,π). I did it orally. For general solution do it yourself. Solution : Let tan x= t, Now, t + 1/t = 2, t²+1=2t

Solve tan x> cot x , where x ∈ [ 0, 2pi ]

Let t = tanx, so that cott = tan t1. tan t1 = tan(2π − t). Using trigonometric general solutions, t1 = πn+ 2π − t. t + t1 = (2n+1)2π. Find solutions of cotx −tanx = 4cot(2x) = 0 for x ∈ (0°,360°)

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