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Value Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

1. 123: This tells us that 123 has 1 hundred, 2 tens, and 3 ones. 1 (100) + 2 (10) + 3 (1) = 123. 2. 87,481.23. This tells us that 87481.23 has 8 ten thousands, 7 thousands, 4 hundreds, 8 tens, 1

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What is Value in Math?

The absolute value of −9 is 9 The absolute value of 3 is 3 The absolute value of 0 is 0 The absolute value of −156 is 156 No Negatives! So in practice absolute value means to remove

Absolute Value

Mathematics: a number, or the result of a calculation. Example: 3 × 4 gives the value of 12. Money: how much something is worth. Example: the value of this coin is one dollar.

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