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factor, in mathematics, a number or algebraic expression that divides another number or expression evenly—i.e., with no remainder. For example, 3 and 6 are factors of 12

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Definition of Factor in Math

A math factor is an integer that is multiplied with other integers to equal a desired number. Learn the definition and explanation of math factors, negative factors, and how to find the factor of

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Definition and examples factor

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What is a Factor?

Illustrated definition of Factor: Numbers we can multiply together to get another number. Example: 2 and 3 are factors of 6, because 2 times Show Ads. Hide Ads About Ads. In

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Factor Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

A factor is a number that divides another number, leaving no remainder. In other words, if multiplying two whole numbers gives us a product, then the numbers we are multiplying are factors of the product because they are divisible by the product. There are two methods of finding factors: multiplication and division. In additi See more

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What Is a Factor? Definition, Factors of a Number, Examples

A factor is a number that you multiply with another number to get a product. A product is the solution to a multiplication problem. Think of a multiplication problem as factors being multiplied to
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