Insert a sum line in word

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Sum a column or row of numbers in a table

Place the cursor where you want to insert the horizontal line. Type three of the characters illustrated below, and then press Enter. The line is inserted for the full width of the page. When

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How to insert formula to sum a column or row of table in Word?

Step 1. Place the cursor at the blank cell of the first column, then click layout > Formula, see screenshot: Step 2. A dialog named Formula is displayed, typing =SUM (ABOVE) in the Formula text box. See screenshot: Step 3. Click OK. Then
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How to Insert the Sum Formula in a Word Table

On the Layout tab (under Table Tools ), click Formula. In the Formula box, check the text between the parentheses to make sure Word includes the cells you want to sum, and click OK. =SUM (ABOVE) adds the numbers in the column above

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