What is a midpoint in geometry

The point M is the midpoint of the line segment PQ. Only a line segment can have a midpoint. A line cannot since it goes on indefinitely in both directions, and so has no midpoint. A ray cannot

Midpoint Formula Examples In Geometry

In geometry, the midpoint is a point that is in the middle of a line segment. It is the point that divides a line segment into two congruent line segments. Point C is the midpoint of line segment ABe, so AC ≅ BC
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Midpoint of a Line Segment

( ˈmɪdˌpɔɪnt) n 1. (Mathematics) the point on a line that is at an equal distance from either end 2. a point in time halfway between the beginning and end of an event Collins English Dictionary

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Formula, How to Find Midpoint? Examples

The midpoint is a point that is located exactly in the middle of a line segment that joins two points. For example, if we have two points and we join them with a line segment, the midpoint
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